And we’re back!

So it’s been a while… That’s probably going to become a common statement in this blog. It’s rare that I get enough time to myself to even take a shower, let alone type up a blog entry. I’m going to start trying harder to at least get one entry a week in, though.

A little update from the Homer trip… It was fun! We decided to head all the way over to Homer (about a 5 hour trip). We stopped at a Russian church and most of the scenic spots a long the way. My friend Liz and I are convinced that we saw Beluga whales. There was something in the water, anyway, and because the both of us saw whatever it was, we decided that we would deem them belugas (though, in all honesty, they probably weren’t anything remotely close to whales).

After a long day, we finally made it to Homer. We explored the Spit a bit (lots of little shops and restaurants that are on a small stretch of land that heads out towards the ocean), walked the beach (actual beach is rare in Alaska, we’ve mostly got mud flats that are dangerous to walk on), and did a bit of shopping. The spit is awesome in the summer months. It’s full of life and there’s tons of stuff to do, like fishing and sea kayaking. I was lucky enough to go sea kayaking in this area a couple years ago and it was an amazing experience. We were even lucky enough to see some sea otters, one of which swam right under our kayaks and another that was wrapped in seaweed, sleeping the day away.

A beautifully colored lake on the way over to Homer.

Russian Church in Ninilchik.
The Homer Spit in September.
Silas’s first time at the beach in Alaska. He even dipped his feet in the Pacific ocean!

Photos courtesy of my friend Liz.

We ate at Fat Olive’s for dinner, a local favorite in the town. It’s a nice, little hippie-ish pizza joint with a good atmosphere and even better food! We started with the focaccia bread sticks and finally decided on a pizza with cream cheese, jalapenos and pineapples. It was yummy-delicious! I would definitely recommend this place if you’re in the Homer area. Healthy food that’s yummy and not too expensive! Need I say more?

After all of that, we started to make the long journey back to Anchorage. It was an awesome day. Bright and sunny for the most part, filled with good times and even better people 🙂 Hopefully we’ll make one more trip as far as Seward in the next couple of weeks. It’d be nice to explore the Alaska Sea Life Center before winter really begins to hit. I saw a couple of snowflakes today. Eek! It’s almost time for the holidays!

What’s new with me, you might ask? Silas is growing up. Too fast… He already has two teeth and another one on the way. He’s crawling up a storm and working on walking. He can stand on his own. He’s eating Happy Baby apple puffs like nobody’s business and I swear his first word was momma. I don’t know if he associates that word with me, but I’m gonna make myself feel good and say that he does 🙂

As for me, I got a babysitting gig and I bring Silas with me. It’s pretty relaxed and it’s nice to have something to do and bring in a bit extra money, but not be too stressed out with extra work. Did I mention I got a Mac Book Pro? I’m pretty psyched about it too! I’m having a hard time reasoning the price that it cost me to have this little baby in my hands, but I’m hoping it will last long enough for me to make sense of the extra bit of cash. I’m liking it so far. Pat on the back Macintosh. Keep up the good work!

Side note: I do have to mention, however, that I’ve heard Mac isn’t doing too well on the whole going green thing. Apparently, their company is one of the worst in terms of pollution and the like. Maybe I’ll have to write a post about that in the future. For right now, I’ll just enjoy my little mac book.

I guess that’s about it for now. Time to do some grocery shopping and enjoy our lazy Sunday. I hope everyone is having a good end to the weekend 🙂


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