Lazy Weekend

So I had a whole new post ready to go, except that I’m trying to make it an educated post and I’ve become lazy in my research… So I’ll just do a regular update for now or else I’ll probably never get to this thing again. This weekend has been nice and lazy. Nick had a four day weekend, which he very much deserved and I always have a four day weekend. It was nice to relax and get a little bit of cleaning done around the house.

My friend Liz came up this weekend. I made some baked macaroni and cheese for dinner and the next morning we went to IHop for breakfast. IHop was basically our main event for the weekend and was definitely worth it. Just a heads up, the banana bread french toast is most excellent! Next up is the pumpkin praline pancakes. Yumm. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Next up, we took a mini road trip to Port McKenzie. It’s a fun little trip out in the middle of nowhere and the ending prize is a view of downtown anchorage from the other side of the bay. It’s always a beautiful sight. I should’ve taken pictures, but I didn’t… I know, shame on me. Maybe next time.

There’s also usually some good wildlife viewing. We didn’t see too much this time around. There was a humongous moose in the road, but before we were close enough to get a good look at it, it had already disappeared into the woods. This was probably because of the truck that was traveling past and slowed down once he saw said moose. He had his hunting gear on and I’m pretty sure he was planning on shooting it from his window. Lame… I wanted to roll down my window and tell him he wasn’t much of a hunter if he was going to take that route.

I always love going up that way because it really is in the middle of nowhere. The people who live out that way, for the most part, want to be left alone. There’s such a difference in the way of living out there too. You drive a mile and you see a mansion. Go another mile and there’s someone living out in a crazy winter tent. There’s a bikini coffee hut, where the baristas wear bikinis even though it’s only twenty degrees out (I’m assuming it’s nice and toasty in the actual hut), and there’s dog sled teams running around everywhere. I think that’s one of the things I love most about Alaska. I love driving down the road and seeing a dog sled team keeping up speed on the trail next to me.

Other than that, I can’t say that much has been going on. Silas is starting to get the hang of walking, although he mainly only uses this technique when he wants to get somewhere while carrying something. Nick is loving his job and I’m enjoying my time with the both of them. I uploaded a ton of my iPhone pictures to my iMac, so I’ll have to post some of those soon. Good memories 🙂

That’s about all folks. I hope everyone’s weekend has been going well. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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  1. 1

    Andrew said,

    hehehe Alaska sounds like a really wonderful place! For me, it would be fun to visit, but I’m a crazy person, and I think Alaska would go all “Secret Window” on me or something.

    Awwww Silas is walking! Adorable. Hopefully he doesn’t get too mischievous! Have a great week, and hopefully I remember to check back on this more often!

  2. 2

    Mom said,

    Those are and have always been my favorite weekends! Time with family and good friends, enjoy every day of it, it all goes too quick. Love and Miss you all Mom

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