Thankful For Animals :)

I have something to ask of you all. Before I ask, I’ll give a little explanation…

I’ll admit it, I spend a lot of time on Craigslist looking at the pets section. I don’t plan on getting another dog or cat, I just like seeing what’s out there. I’ve noticed lately that there are a lot of dogs and cats around here at the shelters that are on the “list” lately, meaning, they’re in danger of being euthanized. Must be the holiday season…

I decided to head to our local shelter because they were holding a special “black tie” event. Adoption fees were half off for most cats and dogs. There was an abundance of different kinds of dogs there. Most all of them were sweet and friendly. It was so sad to realize that many of the dogs that I saw there today might not be alive for much longer. Hopefully the event that the shelter put on got more people out to adopt. There were a good bunch of people there and I’m hoping almost all of them took home a new family member. Here are some of the adoptable dogs whose time is running out at the shelter. You can find more adoptable dogs at the Palmer shelter here, or look for one near you.




I wish more people would adopt dogs instead of buying a brand new puppy that was bred to be sold. There are SO many dogs out there that don’t have homes and will just be killed because people would rather spend $500 on a puppy that’s going to tear apart their house and poop and pee all over their floor. It doesn’t make sense to me…

I mean, I guess I got a puppy, but I still adopted her. I understand wanting to build a relationship from the beginning, and lets face it, puppies are adorable. However, they only look that way for a little while. Then they grow up, still cute, but not always as adorable, I guess. I’ll tell you, I don’t plan on ever getting a puppy again. It’s a lot of work. There are so many adorable, older dogs at the pound that already know how to behave, and cost $50 to adopt instead of hundreds AND you’d be saving a life.

So I have a couple of favors to ask. PLEASE, if you’re thinking about getting a pet, please adopt. There are so many animals out there that don’t have a home. If you buy a puppy from a breeder, you’re just giving them reason to breed more puppies. More puppies that quite possibly won’t have a home a couple of years from now. It’s cheaper and kinder to adopt. Please do. The Humane Society reports that six to eight million dogs and cats enter the shelter each year. Three to four million of them don’t make it out of those shelters. Half of them are euthanized.

Also, holiday season is upon us, starting with Thanksgiving. While many are thinking about the needy humans in the world at this time (for good reason), few are thinking of the millions of animals around the world who don’t have a home anymore, by no fault of their own. Please think about donating to your local animal shelter, whether it be your time, money, or just a bag of food or treats. You’ll be making some sweet, beautiful dog’s, cat’s, ferret’s, etc day. In the least, please visit this Click to Give website to donate food to rescue animals (and of course, it’s always good to click the other Click to Give buttons too!)

So, next time you’re thinking about getting a pet, any kind of pet, please think about adopting. It saves lives.


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