With the end of the school semester and my new found free time, I’m changing this blog up a bit! My husband has a book dedicated to hikes all over Alaska and we’ve decided to create a sort of bucket list out of it. Our plan is to cross a hike off the list every weekend that we have free. For the time being, that won’t include destinations that we can’t drive to (air fare is too expensive!), but we can hopefully make it around South Central and the Interior pretty decently.

Our first hike of the season was in Portage, called the Byron Glacier Trail. We’re starting off easy, at only one mile one way and level terrain, with a nice, clear path. I don’t think we’ll be able to do anything past moderate while Silas is young. I’m proud of him, though, he did most of the hike himself! He was a good sport until the tail end, when he started to become a Mr. Grumpy Pants.

Unsure about this whole hiking thing.

Loving it!

And he's done hiking now.

We made Silas stop for one final photo op in front of the hike signage.

The trail was very easy, except for the fact that half of it was still covered in snow and you couldn’t actually finish the whole hike without a good set of poles (which one hiker just happened to have). We came across lots of moose droppings and I’ll admit that I was bearanoid (actual term in our hiking book) most of the way. We didn’t see any wild life, though, save the occasional bird. We did pass an avalanche chute halfway down, though. It was pretty spectacular and looks like it stopped just before the trail. It created a sort of ice bridge through the stream. At the end of the trail, what we deemed the end anyway, was a nice view of Byron Glacier. I’m almost in awe of glaciers. They’re so beautiful, with their tints of baby and deep water blue. It’s as if you’re in a different world when you’re near one. The air feels cooler and the landscape is serene and so unlike anything you could imagine. There’s the Harding Icefield hike at Exit Glacier in Seward that I’d love to do sometime, probably without Silas and preferably with a guide. Someday!

This was where the avalanche stopped. Right before the trail!

The snow bridge that was created by the avalanche and stream below.

Byron Glacier!

Our plan for this coming weekend is to hit up the Caine’s Head trails in Seward for memorial weekend (probably along with everyone else). We were going to rent a public use cabin, but apparently you have to do that a year in advance, seeing as the cabins in pretty much all areas to the south are booked until September. Our next bet is a tent, which we don’t have. Hopefully we can borrow one or find a cheap one! Scratch that! We bought one at REI the other day (along with lots of other gear that racked up the price). It’s called the Big Agnes Fly Creek tent for two. We also scored two sleeping bags and a multi-trip backpack. Now we just need a water purifier, lamp, first aid kit… The list goes on. I’m debating on bear repellent. I don’t actually believe that stuff works, but it might be nice to have around in case it does. Pretty much everywhere in Alaska is bear country, and like stated above, I’m bearanoid.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to post a blog about our upcoming weekend trip before we head out on Thursday night. Our plan is to make it to Seward Thursday night and get a hotel and then head out early Friday morning, as we have to time our trip with the tide. We’ll hopefully spend Friday and Saturday camping and then head back home on Sunday. I’m excited for our first big camping trip!


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