The Butt

Sadly, our summer hiking adventures have all but come to an end. A bit prematurely, since we technically stopped our adventures Memorial Day weekend (so really, they weren’t even summer hikes…) Anyway, I digress… I give you, the Butte!

The Basics:

Total Miles: 3 miles round trip

Total Time: It took us about 2 hours round trip, with an hour of relaxation at the top.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Kid Appropriate: We saw tons of kids hiking the trail! It’s not as easy when you’re carrying a toddler, however. Especially when you get to the part of the trail where you need to use ropes to help carry yourself up. It is doable, though. The fact that it’s not a very long trail helps a lot.

Dangers: Wildlife- Bears in the area and steep drop offs are the main concerns.

Reasons to do this hike: The view! This hike affords an amazing birds-eye-view of the valley, as well as the local Knik glacier.

The Journey

One sunny weekend morning, a friend called to say she was up in our neck of the woods and wanted to know if we wanted to go hiking with her and her family. Of course, Silas and I jumped at the opportunity. We don’t get out much. So, I grabbed Silas and his carry pack and we drove about thirty minutes on the Old Glenn Highway (love that road. So scenic) to Butte, Alaska, to climb the apt named Bodenburg Butte. Everyone just simply calls it the Butte (or, as I like to call it, the butt… Don’t judge me. I hang out with a toddler all day). Of course, I wasn’t remotely prepared. No water, no snacks, no camera (hence, no pictures in this post)… Luckily our friends had us covered. So we began our jaunt up the hill (apparently, a butte is an isolated, steep hill- Thank you Wikipedia. Definitely aptly named, then).

Much of the hike is on wooded trail, so it’s nice and shady and relatively cool. There’s a nice spot through the middle of the hike with an open lookout with benches, where you can rest your weary legs for a moment (we did that). It’s obviously mostly uphill, but much of it is a gradual incline. It’s not until about the last twenty minutes that things start to get tough (I’m talking ropes and all). Even once you make it past the roped area, there’s another nice hill to climb. Then, all of a sudden, you’re at the top, with a group of other hiking strangers, staring down at most of the valley, including the Knik glacier (which apparently can be seen in Star Trek) and river. It’s pretty spectacular. The area at the top is big enough to sit around and relax all day. You may just want to. The fresh air and abundant sun that day made the time seemingly disappear, as we sat and chatted with friends, while Silas enjoyed the rock collection he managed to scrounge up.

After about an hour or two of relaxation, we headed back down the trail and headed into Palmer for some coffee and more chatting at Vagabond Blues (where I asked for iced coffee and received still hot iced coffee… Interesting). My pesto salad was good, though, and Silas thoroughly enjoyed is cheese quiche.

After that, Silas and I headed back home, with dreams of glaciers, fresh air and birch wood forests dancing above our heads that night.


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    Errign said,

    Fun adventure – spur of the moment stuff is good!

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