Baby Beluga: August 29th 2011

Little note from way back in August!

So I’ve been at my job monitoring belugas for a couple of months now. Everything has been going well, except for the fact that I hadn’t found a beluga to monitor. Everyone else in the group had already spotted their first whale, while I just sat and watched logs float by for four hours. Until yesterday! Finally, I saw my first beluga. Ever in the wild! It felt good.

Those stealth machines popped up right next to me, seemingly out of nowhere! It was crazy hectic, though. I spent more time trying to figure out what I should be doing than actually being able to just be in awe of them. The past months, I’ve spent my day scanning the horizon, doubling back on some floating object over there, driftwood over here. A log or dead body? Anything is possible in the Cook Inlet.

When my first beluga finally popped up, I was in disbelief for about the first ten minutes. Maybe not so good when you’re supposed to be figuring out numbers and patterns. While I never saw a face, I saw plenty of beluga butts and flukes. Enough to remind me how much I love these whales and why I signed up for his job.

Not exactly how I get to see them.

Beluga Whales. FYI- This is not how I see them in the wild. I wish!


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  1. 1

    Errign said,

    I wish that’s how they looked in the wild! Seriously though, what a PERFECT job for you – I bet you totally love it. I still really, really, really need to come visit you in AK. Does S need a nanny by chance? 😉

    • 2

      I do love it! I wish it wasn’t getting so cold, though. I’m about to break out the sleeping bag! Silas does need a nanny! Are you volunteering?? Hehe. Even if you’re not up for the nanny gig, you should still stop by for a couple weeks 😉

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