‘Tis The Season!

It’s 10:00 A.M. and the sun is finally starting to come up! As much as I enjoy lighter days, the darker days make Silas sleep longer, and that is also very nice! When summer turns to autumn, and autumn to winter, I always think back about my time in Ireland and Scotland. I love the holiday season overseas. Bus trip through the highlands and castle exploring with the leaves changing color… Amazing! Random snow falls, holiday decorations in downtown Limerick and shopping along cobblestone streets… So much fun. Eating muffins and drinking coffee with holiday music quietly playing in the background… Sigh, I miss it.

Downtown Killarney

Colorful Downtown Killarney.

Castle in Killarney

Castle in Killarney National Park.


Cottage in Killarney National Park.

View of Edinburgh

View of Edinburgh


Hamish the Scottish Highland cow loved posing for pictures!

Scottish Highlands

Autumn in the Scottish Highlands.

Loch Ness

Posing in front of Loch Ness.

Scotland Cobblestone

Cobblestone street in Edinburgh.


What Scottish experience is complete without some porridge? The best I've ever had!

Alaska definitely also has holiday charm. It’s probably one of the only states that most everyone puts up lights around their house. There’s also fun events throughout the winter, even though it’s usually below freezing. How many people can say they’ve been on a ferris wheel when their eyelashes were sticking together? I can’t. I’m not brave enough… The point is, there’s lots to look forward to over in Alaska, as well. Really, I’m happy anywhere, as long as it’s holiday season! Even palm trees can display their holiday cheer with some green and red lights strung around them. Here’s to snow, glowing wood stoves and colorful holiday lights!

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    Errign said,

    Ahhhh I was JUST thinking about Edinburgh! What a great trip 🙂

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